Grip-Gard Wash Primer 1K CF

Grip-Gard Washprimer 1K CF is a one component chrome-free, self-etching washprimer that offers
excellent corrosion resistance without the use of metal preps and conditioners.

Key benefits

  • Provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance.
  • Eliminates the need for metal preps and conditioners.


A Component-
Grip-Gard Washprimer 1K CF: 480848 (1GL)
Grip-Gard Washprimer 1K CF: 480901 (Aerosol)
Grip-Gard Basecoat Fast Reducer: 391264 (1GL)
Grip-Gard Basecoat Medium Reducer: 391265 (1GL)
Grip-Gard Basecoat Slow Reducer: 391266 (1GL)
Grip-Gard Basecoat Extra Slow Reducer: 391267 (1GL)
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