About Grip-Gard

About Us

Grip-Gard. When protection matters.

Brand experts and tradespeople alike acknowledge Grip-Gard as the strongest choice available when it comes to protecting what matters most.

AkzoNobel has driven innovation for more than 50 years to help you create some of the world’s most iconic signs. Whether you’re coating monumental global brands or exclusive independent brands, the goal is the same – create a striking statement that stands the test of time.

Color matters

That’s why every Grip-Gard finish is eye-catching, brand-true, and stays that way. Bringing your signage to life for the whole world to see.

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Time and durability matter

Our advanced coatings technology, specifically developed for the sign industry, takes less time to dry in fewer coats – saving you money in the long run. Experience a tough, long-lasting finish that withstands any climate, any season.

We believe that truly beautiful brand signage deserves to stand the test of time. Whatever the weather, whatever the climate, with Grip-Gard you can trust that every finish will last – saving you valuable time money when you don’t need to worry about refinishing, repairs, or correcting inconsistent colors.

These core beliefs and values inform everything we do, at every step of the way, to create the optimal protection for your signage.

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