Grip-Gard EFx-LV Effects

Grip-Gard EFx-LV Effects offers an innovative, simple way to add surface effects to complete your finish. Each of the effects, including reflective, speckled, and textured options, instantly amplifies any color by adding vivid
dimension and unrivaled mar resistance.

Key benefits

  • EFx-LV Reflects is a final-finish clearcoat that offers the ability to add reflectance or brilliance over basecoat/topcoats, EFx-LV Speckle Gravel or EFx-LV TEX as desired.
  • EFx-LV Speckle Gravel is a low-gloss, two-component, clear topcoat that offers a speckled appearance with superior scratch resistance.
  • EFx-LV TEX is a low-gloss, two-component textured blender that offers the ability to add a range of textures, with 3 to choose from.


A Component-
Grip-Gard EFx LV Reflect EFx LV High Gloss: 520435 (1GL)
Grip-Gard EFx LV Speckle EFx LV Gravel: 520432 (1GL)
Grip-Gard EFx LV Tex Fine: 538261 (1GL)
Grip-Gard EFx LV Tex Medium: 520430 (1GL)
Grip-Gard EFx LV Tex Coarse: 539545 (1GL)
B Component-
Grip-Gard Universal Hardener 3.5: 563553 (1GL)
Grip-Gard Universal Hardener 2.8: 563557 (1GL)
C Component-
Grip-Gard EFx LV Reducer Exempt: 484216 (1GL)
Grip-Gard EFx LV Reducer Fast: 483924 (1GL)
Grip-Gard EFx LV Reducer Medium: 484198 (1GL)
Grip-Gard EFx LV Reducer Slow: 484291 (1GL)
Grip-Gard EFx LV Reducer Extra-Slow: 528284 (1GL)
Grip-Gard EFx LV Satin Red Activator: 528328 (1GL)
Grip-Gard Air Dry Touch Up Additive: 528249 (1QT)
Grip-Gard LV Accelerator: 575964 (250ML)


  • Brochure: Grip-Gard EFx-LV Effects - French
  • Brochure: Grip-Gard EFx-LV Effects - English
  • Brochure: Grip-Gard EFx-LV Effects - Spanish
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