Grip-Mask 2.0

Grip-Mask 2.0 is an enhanced and upgraded version of Grip-Mask. Grip-Mask 2.0 builds on the legacy of its predecessor, but with improved design and performance. Grip-Mask 2.0 delivers on quality with quicker dry time, enhanced ease
of use, and with no residue left behind.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use with standard spray equipment.
  • Requires fewer coats to achieve dry film thickness.
  • Available in both blue and transparent colors.


Grip-Mask 2.0 Transparent: 584125 (5GL)
Grip-Mask 2.0 Transparent: 584122 (53GL)
Grip-Mask 2.0 Blue: 584123 (5GL)
Grip-Mask 2.0 Blue: 584127 (53GL)


  • Brochure: Grip Gard Grip Mask 2.0 - English
  • Brochure: Grip Gard Grip Mask 2.0 - Spanish
  • Brochure: Grip Gard Grip Mask 2.0 - French
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