Phillips Signs, Inc.

Coastal Delaware Sign Maker Returns to Grip-Gard® by AkzoNobel

Coastal Delaware Sign Maker Returns to Grip-Gard by AkzoNobel

"The first time I used Grip-Gard Plus back in the 1990s, I knew one thing for sure -- it was good paint. Easy to apply. But more than anything, this paint holds up to the elements. We are in a coastal area and much of our work is installed close to the Atlantic Ocean. You could not have a much more hostile environment for painted products. The salt air seems to find its way into any crack or crevice and start the corrosion process. And the sun is relentless on any type of paint finish.

“I have some signs that were painted with Grip-Gard 10-15 years ago that still look good. I've used competitive paint systems that failed within three years in this environment. I'm so glad I switched back to AkzoNobel; like I said, Grip-Gard is good paint."

Ben Phillips, Owner
Phillips Signs, Inc.

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