Grip-Gard is Rock Solid for L&H Companies

L&H Companies

Grip-Gard is Rock Solid for L&H Companies

The finishes we are getting on our signage since the switch to AkzoNobel have been incredible. We use a wide variety of material in our shop; and seeing the coverage we get on anything from aluminum to PVC gives us confidence in the quality of product we are giving our customers.

Using Grip-Gard products has saved us material prepping labor and reduced the number of coats needed to cover the signage. Having a product that can be dried with less time allows for a higher success rate to meet tight deadlines.

All of this combined with getting outstanding service and support from our AkzoNobel rep, and you have two people very happy they made the switch to Grip-Gard and AkzoNobel.

— Mike Tomlinson and John Scott
    Production Managers - L&H Companies

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